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Karalias Productions
Karalias Productions

About Us

Marketing, Creative and Business Development Strategy

to start-ups as well as established companies looking to enhance their brand and grow revenue.


- A clear, focused integration of all levels of activity.
- Offering leadership and motivation to cross-functional teams.
- Successfully merging all aspects of projects to completion with a keen eye on results.
- Always anticipating future needs and discovering effective solutions immediately.
- Taking ownership of decisions and making sure everyone is clear on objectives
- A broad knowledge of marketing with full knowledge of current trends.
- Gathering metrics and competitive analysis to realize a return on investment.
- Telling the story of the "big idea" while keeping all details in full view.
- Complete website development and social media integration
- SEO and SEM analysis and implementation
- Conversion development and analysis
- Inbound Marketing and blog integration through content development and management
- Development of corporate comics with an eye on trending pop culture integration

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