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"Come On In, Young Man!"

Memphis, TN, June 9, 2017 –Lansky Brothers of Memphis announced today the release of the children’s book, “Come On In, Young Man!” The book tells the story about the friendship between Bernard Lansky and Elvis Presley.


In the spring of 1952, Bernard’s simple invitation to Elvis changed the world of music and clothing. “Come on in, young man!” said Bernard. His gesture of kindness to the young man looking in his store window on famous Beale Street in downtown Memphis, Tennessee led to a friendship that lasted a lifetime and gave the young man the confidence he needed to dress and perform in his own style.


Hal Lansky explains his father’s friendship with Elvis: “My father would talk to anybody. It didn’t matter if they were rich or poor, black or white, famous or not. Maybe that’s why he hit it off with Elvis. Elvis just knew ‘Mr. Lansky’ would treat him right.”


Hal, along with his daughter, Julie Lansky, wanted to create a children’s book that showed that hard work and confidence could make dreams come true. Just like in the Elvis movie of the same name, the book’s message is clear: “Follow that dream.”


Hal and Julie enlisted the help of George Karalias to design, write and produce the book. Keelan Parham, an accomplished caricaturist, was asked to create the vibrant, retro style illustrations for the story. The book is published by Karalias Productions.

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